The Serbian queen of the court in her last game has been unable to contain an energetic and inspired opponent Caroline Wozniacki.

The defending champion Jelena Jankovic lost against her opponent to the dismay of a hungry and expectant crowd. There was much disappointment for her fans as the umpire confirmed that the decision of the game was not in favor of the reigning champion. As the game progressed, Jankovic could probably point out her moment of realization when the much coveted open crown slipped from within her reach.

The game ended in a 6-3, 6-4 semi final loss. It was obvious that the Serbian former defending champion put much effort into the match and threw all she had at her opponent Wozniacki but yet the Danish lady was an unstoppable force. In moments preceding that one, it may have been predicted that the 31-year old was slowly beginning to lose her grip on the Hong Kong championship title.

After the game, laugh was all the Serbian could do as the match was found to be in favor of Caroline Wozniacki by very fine margins and she knew it wasn’t going to be a good day for her. Despite her disappointing defeat, it will be remembered that her reign as the Hong Kong champion has been a happy one. The whole crowd was almost exclusively in her favour up till the end of the game and even during few occasions were she looked thoroughly spent with her hands on her hips, her fans remained unmoved.

“Yeah I enjoyed tonight, why not? I really enjoy the crowd here; at the end of the day tennis is just a game and something you should enjoy,” she said. “I don’t only enjoy it when I’m wining, when I do stupid things, I laugh at myself but that’s part of the game,” a visibly spent Jankovic had said after the match.