Jelena Jankovic And Her Fashionable Presence In Court

The Italian Open has proven to be challenging for Jelena.

But challenges are what build a champion and her fans can look forward to her other performances in many upcoming matches and tournaments. The Italian Open saw Jelena faces Eugenie Bouchard. It was tough as the first round it saw Eugenie get the better of Jelena. However, it is not to be forgotten that Jankovic won this very tournament in clay courts in the two subsequent years, 2007 as well as 2008. She needs to spruce up her skills in order to reach quarter final levels.

Jelena is known to be a strategist in the court as she handles the balls as well as serves them. Hence, Eugenie had to go aggressive against her opponent in order to get a win. At the recent Italian Open Jelena might not have gotten her day in court, but her dress certainly did. Sponsored by Fila, it was a unique dress that stole the show.

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Jelena Jankovic was topping the world rankings in the singles category of females

Jelena Jankovic was topping the world rankings in the singles category of females back in 2008, but, she lost her consistency quickly thereafter and slipped down.

The Serbian, however, reckons she is starting to play her best game again and if she continues her form, she might be able to get back to that top position in the coming months.

Jankovic can’t say she had a perfect Season this year. That wasn’t the case at all. She couldn’t jump much in the rankings either. She remained at the 22nd position at the end, but, with some really good displays in patches, she sent a message to her rivals that she was on the right track and they should be wary of her going into 2016.

Jankovic was particularly impressive in the last quarter of 2015 in Asia where she beat some really good players to win a couple of events and boost her overall winning percentage in the season.

In an interview recently, Jankovic said, “The main problem for me was the fact that I was getting injured on a regular basis and it not only affects you on physical fronts, but, psychologically as well. Each time you return to the tour, you have to begin fresh and you need a bit of time to settle down. It’s very difficult and frustrating to have to be in that position again and again.” Read more »

Leon Smith was all praise for his superstar Andy Murray

The British skipper Leon Smith was all praise for his superstar Andy Murray who stepped up to the plate in the immensely vital tie versus France and carried the team to the Davis Cup Round of 4.

Murray’s victory over Giles Simon in the reverse singles yesterday ensured Great Britain got over the line and earned the right to take on Australia for booking a berth in the title round.

It was quite hard to see Murray winning against Simon when he had lost the opening set and then, had got broken in the second set too, but, the Scot put on great fight from there.

Not only did he manage to turn around that second set and win it in tie breaker, he, thereafter, thrashed Simon in the next two sets to finish the game off.

Murray was very tired having already played a singles and a doubles game prior to this Simon meeting and that tiredness was visible in his game.

For the initial one hour or so, he was nowhere near Simon, but, like a true fighter, he pushed himself to the limits when his body was not responding.

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Andy Murray reckons playing 5 set matches is not a bad thing

Andy Murray reckons playing 5 set matches is not a bad thing for the male players as it gives them a little bit of extra time to be able to get back into the contest if they haven’t necessarily got off to a great start.

There have been some talks regarding the need of the male fixtures to be decreased to 3 sets as well.

But, Murray is not voicing in favour of that. He is cool with Slam matches to be of 5 sets.

According to Murray, so many times in the past, the good players have got trailed by two sets and then, they have come back to turn it around for themselves. Had it been about 3 sets only, it would not have been possible for them to do so.

In an interview, Murray was quoted as saying, “In three sets, you’ve got to have a good start. If you don’t have that and you get behind your opponent, it becomes very hard. But, that’s not the case in Slams. You have got ample time there to make a comeback from any sort of situation.”

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