Jelena Jankovic returns to Professional Tennis

There was a phase in 2014 when Jelena Jankovic was thinking that she might never be able to return to professional tennis again.

Her injured back was troubling her so much that she could not even move and thus, it was obvious for her to start thinking the way she did.

But, thankfully, that injury slowly healed up and the Serbian player is back playing on the tour.

Jankovic is just happy to be back. She does not have anything in her mind at the moment. She wants to get the feel of the game before planning ahead.

According to Jankovic, getting in the right shape for the Australian Open is definitely something that she wants, but, she is not putting her body in any sort of extra stress. She is taking things easy.

The 29-year old is obviously a little disappointed with the fact that she got beaten in her come back game. She would have liked to have been able to go a little further in the Brisbane International, but, she says when she compares her current situation to what it was a couple of months back, she feels happy.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Jankovic said, “In normal circumstances, I would have said I am disappointed. Well, the disappointment is still there, but, not that much. Coming back from such a severe injury, it was all about getting that feel again, spending some time on the court and see if I have shrugged off the injury completely. In that regard, I would say, it was not such a bad day. It kind of went well. The win would have been nice, but, nevertheless, the whole season is there ahead of me.”

Jankovic is ranked 16th in the official rankings of the World Tennis Association.