Jelena Enjoying Time Off

At the end of a busy tennis season, you would expect the top stars to head to the likes of Barbados and sit and relax on the beach. Jelena Jankovic is a very different type of star, however, and all she wants to do is to go back home to her native Serbia, and help her mum around the house!

“I have only just arrived in Belgrade and I am already about to travel abroad. I am spending the time here with my family and friends. I also had an appointment with the dentist!”

“I will continue the break abroad and rest for a little while longer and then start my preparations for the coming season. I am on tour throughout the year and when I come back to my Belgrade, I am delighted to be able to eat home-made food. I have lost some weight, but I honestly don’t know how. I love the meals I eat when I come back here and I love the pickles and preserves – these are the things I cannot get to eat anywhere else in the world” said Jelena.

“What I really want to do is help my Mum around the house, and make pickles adn that kind of thing – I love cooking with my Mother.”