Andy Murray reckons playing 5 set matches is not a bad thing

Andy Murray reckons playing 5 set matches is not a bad thing for the male players as it gives them a little bit of extra time to be able to get back into the contest if they haven’t necessarily got off to a great start.

There have been some talks regarding the need of the male fixtures to be decreased to 3 sets as well.

But, Murray is not voicing in favour of that. He is cool with Slam matches to be of 5 sets.

According to Murray, so many times in the past, the good players have got trailed by two sets and then, they have come back to turn it around for themselves. Had it been about 3 sets only, it would not have been possible for them to do so.

In an interview, Murray was quoted as saying, “In three sets, you’ve got to have a good start. If you don’t have that and you get behind your opponent, it becomes very hard. But, that’s not the case in Slams. You have got ample time there to make a comeback from any sort of situation.”

Murray is going to get married in a few days’ time. Read more »

2015 WTA Indian Wells – Simona Halep vs Jelena Jankovic [Highlights] Final

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Bradley Klahn vs Jelena Jankovic,Elena Dementieva

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Jelena Jankovic returns to Professional Tennis

There was a phase in 2014 when Jelena Jankovic was thinking that she might never be able to return to professional tennis again.

Her injured back was troubling her so much that she could not even move and thus, it was obvious for her to start thinking the way she did.

But, thankfully, that injury slowly healed up and the Serbian player is back playing on the tour.

Jankovic is just happy to be back. She does not have anything in her mind at the moment. She wants to get the feel of the game before planning ahead.

According to Jankovic, getting in the right shape for the Australian Open is definitely something that she wants, but, she is not putting her body in any sort of extra stress. She is taking things easy. Read more »

Gabriela Sabatini most famous in Women Tennis

Whenever you discuss about the women’s tennis of the eighties, Gabriela Sabatini would surely pop up somewhere in that discussion. She was one of the superstars of that decade.

The beauty queen from Argentina had got a wide array of shots and not only was she powerful; there was quite a lot of elegance in her game as well.

Many people still reckon that Sabatini could not quite achieve as much as she deserved to.

She never became the no. 1 player in the world and she did not manage to clinch too many slams either.

For once in 1990, she lifted the trophy at Flushing Meadows, but, that happened to be the first and last Slam glory for her.

Sabatini had been in 11 Slam semis, but, on 9 occasions, she lost at that very stage. Only a couple of times did she manage to advance ahead from there.

Once in 1990, when she won the USA Open, while, once in 1991, when she reached the final of the Wimbledon Championships.

She could easily have won 4-5 more majors if she had been a little luckier.

However, Sabatini might not have won that many slams, but, she did manage to win quite a lot of other tournaments.

She had close to 30 singles titles to her name when she retired.

Sabatini’s retirement came at a time when it was not expected. In 1996, when she was just 26 years of age, the hardcore Argentinean left the game that she loved the most.

Now, 18 years down the line, Sabatini is a successful businesswoman and she is doing a bit of charity work as well, for the welfare of kids and also for the deprived people.

She is still very much popular in Argentina and other parts of South America.